Andrej Woerner

Welcome to my website!

I am a PhD candidate at CREED, University of Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute. My supervisors are Prof. Arthur Schram and Prof. Sander Onderstal. My research interests include applied mechanism design, behavioral economics and experimental economics.

In my job market paper, I introduce the matched-bet mechanism. The matched bet is an easily applicable and strictly budget-balanced mechanism that aims to help people overcome time-inconsistent behavior. I show that the matched-bet mechanism has desirable theoretical properties. In a field experiment on exercising, I show that the matched bet is also an effective mechanism in practice.

Academic References:

  • Prof. Arthur Schram (European University Institute & University of Amsterdam)
  • Prof. Sander Onderstal (University of Amsterdam)
  • Prof. Uri Gneezy (University of California, San Diego)

Tinbergen Placement Director:

I can be reached by and will be available at:

  • The EEA Job Market Meeting in Naples
  • The ASSA Annual Meeting in Atlanta

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